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Chad Daniels and the Quest for Endless Breakfast

The guys catch Big Mac up on their recent travels to see Chad Daniels, they discover how cold a hotel room could really be, and we learn that Ted is not allowed to end breakfast without the express written consent of Damon!

"Betes" by Grimace and A Visit by Spinner

The guys review an alternative swear word list that is extremely suspect, discuss how a very recognizable childhood figure regulates blood sugar, and they have a childhood friend, Jim "Spinner" Spinale, stop in all the way from Tampa!

It's me!!! I'm a man!

The guys discover having Mac fully visible can lead to heartache, Damon is not a contractor nor cashier, and Ted reveals the underlying meaning of Damon's existence!

Pet Peeves and Jingling Keys

Ted somehow loses a wallet while having no pants, Damon hangs with the mayor, and Big Mac's bean touching his can is merely one of the distractions he provides during the recording this week!

Ted Ellipsis

Ted gets himself a new stage name which coincidentally has a second "L", Brian regains his vast empire and laughs in the face of failure, and Damon was there.

Captain Quitter and the Cacti Chameleons

Brian gets an intern because it is too hard to Google AND nap. Damon shares travel tips and calls for your travel reviews. Ted as usual gets lost in the fog.

Pirates of the North Atlantic: We're Gonna Need Those Uniforms (PG13)

The guys dabble in appliance relocation, try to determine if they stink or it's just the booze, and discover the world's largest late fee in existence!

Jurassic Chicken Park

This week is a collection of nothing but sudden turns that inevitably qualify Damon as a paleontologist.

A Bluetooth Rooster Cage and a Blind Vacuum

The guys uncover some amazingly pointless world records, Damon threatens to bring back his mullet for competition purposes, and they learn the safety hazards of Bluetooth!

How to Come Into Money

The week the guys discover a very lucrative type of collecting, dabble in the realm of bird disguises, and verify that Damon's recent infatuation with pirates has transformed him into the ultimate "deckhand."

New Year, New GOAT (JK)

Guaranteed to be the best episode we've done of 2021. We have animals, violence, wiping, sweatpants, tattoos, resolutions, and popcorn for the entire squad!


The guys discuss some amazing holiday traditions, Damon attempts to take full credit for his son's "super power," and Big Mac is revolutionizing the gaming industry!

Python Scented Towels

This week the guys discover you only have 364 options when scheduling a surgery and determine the absolute worst example of the word "tadaaaaaah."

The Knowledge of Wang

We discover a popular road kill Thanksgiving dinner recipe that may only lack a "lavatory marinade" and learn impressive techniques to strengthen your groin!

wayne may find your pets

We who’s got the holiday spirit and who’s just tricked into making the house less drafty, Welcome Back Kotter becomes relevant almost 50 years later, and we discuss a man who MAY instantly become a household name!

Knicker Flickers and a Moose Licker

Damon brings yet another business idea to the table which Ted reluctantly names and Big Mac plays host to cannibals that make breakfast for him.

Ma, there's no more deviled eggs on the roof!!

This week a surprise, donated wardrobe makes Ted extremely jealous, Big Mac shows his prowess in the realm of "chicken related" news stories, and Damon gets threatened with a delicious smelling candle.

Rocks That Eat Watermelon and a Necessary Timestamp

Picking up where we left off with some strange stories, the guys may have pushed the envelope too far this time. Damon needs to look different and smell better, Big Mac "one ups" with a deeper/darker tunnel than was ever imagined, and Ted institutes a whole new level of "timestamping"!

Elaborate Pranking, Impressive Propping, and a Canadian Tuxedo

The guys relive some very elaborate pranks, are amazed by Big Mac's fence fortification skills, and display the hottest fashion trends in Senior Homecoming Apparel.

A Cynical Tunnel and Pumpkin Spice

We learn that while there is a "high road," the tunnel can be way more satisfying. You can put pumpkin spice in anything and, after adequate time to check, hot chocolate CAN be made with whole milk!

Discontinued Tacos, Cow Cuddling, and Deadly Licorice

The exciting conclusion to last weeks episode! The guys discuss what they might pay for discontinued food items, the catastrophic effects of black licorice, and Ted’s wallet loses a little “Branson Money”.

A Killer, a Step Ladder, & a Side of Ribs

The guys find that an early morning start only magnifies the stupidity, yet Big Mac is surprisingly alert! Damon pitches someone else’s business idea, because he’s lazy, and Ted has no ability to count his steps. Oh... Then Damon talks about his “injury of the week” and.... There’s so much activity in this recording we split it into two parts! Enjoy part one...

Tattunes, Birth Control, and a Concentration Camp?

Damon stumbles through multiple presentations with little interest shown while Ted and Big Mac stumble onto a million dollar idea and decide not to include him.

Grandma Hand is No Bueno

The guys get the "cheat code" to understanding what women really mean, an entrepreneurial enterprise is formed, and Damon most likely gets beat up afterwards... ...by a girl...

Poop Sacks and Ride Sharing

Ted finally gets excited about a business proposal, Big Mac once again fails to Google anything production or supportive to the show...

A Rented Volvo for Chicken Trafficking

This week Ted sports charitable, yet stylish, footwear. Damon shares memories of tormenting his own children at sporting events. Big Mac returns from vacation #17 with no souvenirs for anyone. (That's not true. I bought a t-shirt for myself)

Where we're going, we don't need roads... ...FALSE!

The guys can't record in the studio this week so they take a road trip for food, discover Ted's vast knowledge of roadside rest areas, and fall prey to Damon's latest business idea that is guaranteed to "floor you!"

DIY, a Steve Swap, and Edible Blankets

The guys discuss the whole “home flipping” show craze, the ideal husband swap, and Ted has his first business idea basically glossed over by Damon’s affliction for waffles.

Bob King, an Overweight 5k, and the Pancake Heat Index

This week the guys pay tribute to the passing of Bob King, the father of super fan and loyal friend Ed King, discuss how the relative humidity affects your pancake intake, and Damon attempts to employ "less than desirable" people.

Nut Purchasing & UP TO 9 Hours of Entertainment!

The guys discuss the true dilemma that is shopping for nuts and also just how long your grandma can survive in the wilderness! They also answer the looming question of “why does Big Mac even have a mic?!”