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Dog Shuns, Counterfeit Cheese, and a Driving GOAT

The guys discuss the popularity of a rare fungus, how Damon's not intimidated by any animal given the gift of flight, and Mac incites a grown man tantrum.

Dutch Clue, Antique Spices, and "The Dad Stare"

The guys discuss the difference between "free range" and "caged" victims, how to find love in a cockpit, and Ted meets the same new people twice for the third time.

Two Fingers of Milk and a Firing by Cake

The guys discuss what goes up, and up and up and up, the fact that Damon absolutely knows what a "Dentician" does, and how there was almost an "unhappy accident" at a Bob Ross 5K.

"I'm Not Randy" and The Stand-Up Prognosticator

The guys discuss the world's most expensive, bedazzled kitchen utensil, how to build infinite wealth two gold bars at a time, and Damon protects his family by repeatedly destroying deadly countertop piñatas.

100th Episode Celebration!

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Lottery Orange Juice and The 12 Knock Rule

The guys discuss when "Sharpie Smuggling" is necessary, where your dog is allowed exactly 30 minutes of daily bark time without recourse, and how Mac basically pushed an obese, disgraced man off a balcony.

Stolen Syrup, Water Wolves, and a few Pocket Tomatoes

The guys discuss the lazy new technique of Homicide Painting, how a "boiling bag" can prevent you from accidentally seeing your family naked during T.V. time, and why any verdict handed down by the Court of Sharper Image includes worry-free retribution.

Discussion Island and the Button of Resignation

The guys discuss 1 Mac and 3 shades of gray, how less is more on a Lost Dog Flyer, and when the scent of murder can be so enjoyable.

The Landscaping Smurf Preservationist and A Squatcher Resistant to Farm

The guys discuss how LinkedIn endorsements for mountain climbing are imperative for success, how lack of preparation and cheating is customary in the pianist community, and when a tow truck driver's phone call outweighs a 70 ton crime.

Big Cat Couponing and Counterclockwise Lovin'

The guys learn about Mac's free, germaphobic pony that hates nature and people, Ted meets the most interesting man alive, and Damon gets mauled by a polar bear in a stolen Grand National.

Biking With the Bulls and a Shot of Horse Blindness

The guys discuss when a car warranty can save your life, a caretaker that rakes and waters Italian loafers, and how when the chicken's frozen the victim is not a relative.

"I Tip 'Em, Then I Milk 'Em Upside Down!"

The guys have comedian, TJ Remec, in studio to discuss the multiple disappearances of an "Obvious Pickle Boy", a world record mouth from Idaho, and the only logical name for the ideal orangutan roommate.

A PIT Maneuver Resulting in L.U.I.

The guys discuss home improvement store ninjas, why you should judge people solely based on the condition of a specific kitchen appliance, and how Mac's treatment of puppies depends on the placement of their kangaroo.

Does This Rag Smell Like Ethernet?

The guys get left unsupervised for an extended period of time while Mac does "paperwork" in his office, discuss a space age pillow rated for high impact collisions, and what sleeping position makes you susceptible to scammers.

Get Meemaw Off Layaway & Flip Her on Marketplace!

The guys discuss how to properly hire a virtual assassin, that when you find a stray service dog they're just looking to play catch, and attending a computer class at a popular fried chicken franchise.

"I'd Like to Buy A Vowel for Sushi"

The guys discuss the world's first "ambassador to the extraterrestrial", how to surprise your Valentine with a moderately cool chocolate in Detroit, and the plausible deniability of a late night double waffle.

A Dangling Sausage of Safety

The guys discuss the new musical Grant, how Mac is both startled and confused by noises that he causes, and the need for a numbered waitress system in our society.

The "T" Stands for The

The guys discuss the most effective way of negotiating the purchase of a used shower rod, how people no longer fear their face "freezing that way", and how an Arby's coupon can get you significant ownership stake in any Puracchio Enterprise.

The Driver's Ed Psychologist and an Aphrodisiac Grilled Cheese

The guys discuss the proper techniques for animals to gossip, how stupid you have to be for autocorrect to give up and disable itself, and how a beach body and firearms are forever related.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Tip Your Wizard"

The guys discuss how the register cannot close until the last customer leaves, getting mugged by a Zoltar machine, and Ted documents his nugget.

I Can Smell the Acorns. "Sniff a Little Higher"

The guys discuss proper door holding etiquette, Mac granting complete creative freedom to his stylist, and the savory smell of holiday pay.

I Agree to Yeet the Door When Done Suckling.

The guys discuss "Rage Quitting" holidays, the appropriate amount of effort required to sell items that were previously earmarked for the curb, and Ted flies after a false confirmation of safety.

A Circus Guillotine and Canine Real Estate

The guys agree New Year's Resolutions are unnecessary, discuss how to get the terrible odors out of a pop icon's mansion, and discover the disappointment caused by three miles of foreplay.

Amish Lighting and Whoa!!! Ma, Santa's here...

The guys discuss what makes an enjoyable holiday, why David Hasselhoff's chest hair is imperative when gardening, and how Mac may be required to attend meetings for his only holiday tradition.

Five. Five Dollar. Five Dollar Copay.

The guys discuss the "World's Best Sharpshooter", Damon unveils the newest way to transport cake, and Mac begs the guys NOT to play Lite Brite on his new studio lamps.

Frontload Fries and Backload Steak

The guys discuss their favorite Thanksgiving dishes, Ted repeatedly shows off another unnecessary accent, and Damon admits to being the "wingman" for a three year old.

Walkies and That's A Plug Not A Receptacle

The guys discuss the difference between a pet and a wild animal, Ted discovers a new voice that Damon already hates, and Mac schemes to collect 100 free range chickens under very dangerous circumstances.

It's Soggy AND Dry???

The guys discuss when it's not necessary to fold up your home workout equipment, how to recycle your Millennium Falcon properly, and Mac claims the word is "gig".

Necessary Pig Latin and A Broken Mac

This week Damon finds out he had placed more "escape calls" than originally thought, Ted realizes furniture is heavier when alone, and Mac pleases the staff of Sesame Street with his newly discovered "side job".

We're Back and and We Said Stage That Time

The guys welcome back Damon for their first recording in over a month, Ted refuses Carrot Cake only to enjoy more free appetizers, and Mac has a new favorite job that requires the word "stage" be mentioned.