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Walkies and That's A Plug Not A Receptacle

The guys discuss the difference between a pet and a wild animal, Ted discovers a new voice that Damon already hates, and Mac schemes to collect 100 free range chickens under very dangerous circumstances.

It's Soggy AND Dry???

The guys discuss when it's not necessary to fold up your home workout equipment, how to recycle your Millennium Falcon properly, and Mac claims the word is "gig".

Necessary Pig Latin and A Broken Mac

This week Damon finds out he had placed more "escape calls" than originally thought, Ted realizes furniture is heavier when alone, and Mac pleases the staff of Sesame Street with his newly discovered "side job".

We're Back and and We Said Stage That Time

The guys welcome back Damon for their first recording in over a month, Ted refuses Carrot Cake only to enjoy more free appetizers, and Mac has a new favorite job that requires the word "stage" be mentioned.

A Bird Clock and Some Butt Eels

The guys discuss the proper way to return an injured homing pigeon, why a bird clock is considered nocturnal, and just how many eels one can fit in your butt before it becomes a problem.

Chuck Incognito and The Yaris Armory

The guys discuss appropriate hurricane names to guarantee a 100% evacuation plan, how many crossbows actually fit in a Toyota Yaris, and the signs your chimp has a side chick.

Have Mercy, A New Boss is Crowned!

The guys discuss the true monetary value of a thank you, the dark side of Superman, and the strategic placement of pet puke.

Mud, BUTT It's My Last Day!

The guys discuss a replacement American Icon, "Office Mudslides", and the ramifications of a lost Bobo.

Horny Sea Snakes and The Meatloaf Kid

The guys discuss Ted's ideas for a successful version of the XFL, the cost of using a stuttering psychic hotline, and the new greatest fear of the ocean that's worse than drowning.

Shanked by the GOAT

The guys discuss how to determine if a whale is a man, when spaghetti effects a street fight, and exactly what makes a blanket "disposable".

Colon Ecuador and His Riding Weed Wacker

After nearly four weeks of being in the studio together the guys catch up on their travels, discuss the advancements of voice to text translation, and possibly invent the coolest landscaping equipment ever.

Dry Beef and the No Condiment List

Damon's eyeball gets wet, his beef becomes infinitely dry, and his use of drop #15 on the board remains excessive.

Let's Get Physical, Physical, Drop 'Em, Turn Your Head, and Cough.

This week Damon's going to meet a dead rapper at Area 51, Ted gives a history lesson on the French Wine industry, and Mac changes the board in a way that everyone, but Damon, will eventually regret.

Kinko's Hypnotherapy & The 10 Mile Movie

The guys discuss bathroom Raisin Bran, getting mugged while holding a weapon that was a gift, and the perfect placement of drum solos in church.

A Real Bundt Kicking and Conveyor Sushi

The guys discuss the important qualities of cookware, how you must never skip a meal deal regardless of your surroundings, and the fact Mac is apparently a prison yard snitch.

Hanging With Monster "Just Read the Copy!"

The guys hang with Monster and discuss the Un-FitBit, who and what entices people to travel to different states, and the price tag that comes with an engineered anus.

Hell's Bathroom and Dude, Where's My Nuts?

In this LIVE episode we determine Damon may have actually invented the Roomba, Ted was never plugged by Florence Henderson, and Mac's mid-recording parade results in gifts for his favorite co-host.

The Pharaoh's Anus Blower and A Secret DMV

The guys discuss roasting a corpse, Ted tears apart Damon's G.I. Joe guy "fantasy", and Mac may, or may not be embezzling from a charity.

Part 2: Drain It Twice and The Layaway Murderer

The guys wrap up a very informative talk with comedian John Da Cosse via Strange Stories, where they discuss murder in 40 easy installments and a reoccurring rescuee.

Part 1: John Da Cosse and a Lesson In Comedy

The guys discuss how you cannot relive an improvised laugh, Damon learns what the term "Headliner" means, and his middle school teacher saves him from a near grabber.

Three Day Old Future Comedy and Pie Ala Commode

The guys discuss standup comedy coming up that already happened, how not smiling and spitting makes for a great wedding, and Damon is now forbidden from "air quotes".

Squeaky Neuticles and the WTMF Storm Door

The guys discuss a special 'torian, determine the proper usage for a basement dug under a trailer, and Damon amazes Ted with his ability to translate acronyms.

Axe Smashing and the Border Meat

The guys learn how NOT to smuggle items, Mac welcomes the day he foils a robbery with an expensive axe, and Damon will literally put ketchup on anything. ...Anything...

A Chat with Chad Daniels

The guys sit down with one of their favorite comics for an improvised discussion about whatever comes to mind and laughter ensues!

Fudge Brian and the Johnson Keeper

The guys discover a new and improved version of Brian who provides fudge and may, or may not, have attended college, they level up on the aggressive compliment game, and they put the B in Buick.

The Endless 5k and Damon for 2 Please

The guys discover the importance of strategic parking when attempting a 5k, Ted becomes Damon out of necessity, and Mac gets nostalgic after receiving safety gear that could have prevented a tragedy.

C.H.I.P.S. 'N' Salsa and a Complimentary Roo

The guys discuss and price exotic pets, check in on what 80's TV stars are doing now, and learn it's nearly (Mission) impossible to be principal with a "school voice."

Teddy Muskrat and the Manger of Potato Salad

The guys struggle to identify animals properly, have to censor Mac, and bask in the glory of the fabricated approval of Tony Danza.


The guys drop a special episode of the podcast in honor of Tony Danza's birthday..Happy birthday Tony Danza!

A Weekend at Philip's with the Gobble Champ

The guys resurrect a prince if only to cover a rancid smell, contemplate a word scramble tombstone, and retain the creative intellectual properties of "coups and toots."